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Background Investigations

This is not your grandma’s Google search. We dig deep to provide you with potential warning signs so you can make a more informed decision.
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Due Diligence Investigations

We assess the reputation of business partners or key players in a venture before entering into a substantial financial relationship.
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Legal Investigations

Attorney’s don’t come to us for off-the-shelf ideas; they come to us to provide creative ways to come out ahead of their adversary.

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Who We Help


We help people reunite with their biological parents or track down long lost family members.

Law Firms

We find creative and legal ways to come out ahead of your adversary.


We check to see if your next CEO has not embellished his past.


We make sure your business partner doesn’t have any skeletons.

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Why We Are Different

We are not your stereotypical private investigator. [Like that guy!]

There are no cloaks and daggers here. We’ve built an investigative firm based on transparency, openness and simply doing great work.

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When 'Googling' Is Not Enough'

Have you ever found yourself wanting to search a little deeper than Google allows?

It is not always as simple as “Googling” the answer. This may be news to you, but a typical Google search covers only a fraction of the Internet, leaving millions of data points undiscovered.

Diligentia Group gives you PEACE OF MIND, knowing that you have all the information you need to help you make a MORE INFORMED decision.

Featured In These Media Outlets

"Diligentia tirelessly gathered the background information requested and was able to present it timely and in a way that was easily understandable. I would highly recommend Diligentia to anyone."

David Redden
David Redden, Power Design Inc.

"We depend on Diligentia Group to deliver timely and accurate background reports on the management teams of the companies we look to acquire. We would recommend Diligentia to any other financial, legal, HR, or M&A professional."

Cason Green, Blackford Capital, LLC
Cason Green, Blackford Capital, LLC

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