Voted Best Private Investigator
In The Galaxy Since 2009

We beat Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen!

Diligentia Group was founded in 2009 by Brian Willingham, CFE.
Since 2009, Brian worked hard to create an investigative firm unlike any other in the United States. Beyond the promise of hard work and tireless efforts, Brian promised a top shelf customer service, a level of professionalism that’s difficult to match, and creativity that delivers results.

As you browse our company culture, you’ll discover our colorful personality coming across in our writings, headings, images, and general business approach. While that approach may seem snarky to some, our investigative agency takes our investigative practice very seriously.

We know that our clients expect more than tireless efforts and outstanding results, they expect a level of professionalism and creativity that will solve their problems. At Diligentia Group, we’ve mixed the old school “gumshoe” detective work, with the accuracy of today’s technology to deliver tangible solutions.

Some investigators perpetuate the “cloak and dagger” image with their secret sources, inside intelligence and years of law enforcement experience – we are not one of them. There are no cloaks and daggers here.

Diligentia Group was built on transparency, openness and simply doing great work.

We help our clients make informed decisions or avoid costly ones.

Leave your shovels at home, we’ll do the digging!

We Identify Risks

We are trained in analyzing and gathering intelligence to identify red flags that may be useful to know before relationships are established.

We Find Facts

We provide in-depth, fact-based information from an array of public and proprietary resources to assist with your particular needs.

We Provide Peace of Mind

We identify information to corroborate certain facts or details to help you make more informed decisions (or let you sleep at night).

We See the Big Picture

We can help you see the situation objectively and provide you with an alternative viewpoint to the matter at hand.

“Diligentia tirelessly gathered the background information requested and was able to present it timely and in a way that was easily understandable. I would highly recommend Diligentia to anyone.”

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