We’re on a mission to change
the investigative industry.

And we’re just getting started.

While many private investigators are considered to be intelligent and crafty, they can also be secretive, sleuthy, unreliable and stuck in the dark ages. If you don’t believe us, you can check out the public perception of a private investigator.

Some investigators like to perpetuate the “cloak and dagger” image with their secret sources, inside intelligence and years of law enforcement experience.

We are not one of them. There are no cloaks and daggers here.  We’ve built an investigative firm based on transparency, openness and simply doing great work.  Here’s why we are different:

  • Creative

    People don’t come to us for off-the shelf ideas. We help you find legal and ethical solutions to your specific problems.

  • Dig Deep

    If you can find something easily on Google, you probably don’t need to hire us. We know where to look and we dig deep to find what we need.

  • Ethical

    We don’t use illegal or unethical methods of obtaining information. If you need someone else’s bank accounts information, phone records, emails or medical records, you are wasting your time with us.

  • Transparent

    Our approach is simple and transparent. We use open sources, public records and thoughtful and creative investigative techniques to get answers.

  • Open

    We have invested tremendous effort in educating you, the client, so you can be your own amateur P.I. But when it comes to needing a professional, we are always available.

  • Honest

    If we can’t help you, we’ll tell you, or help you find someone who is better suited. We are not in the business of making promises we can’t live up to.

  • Resourceful

    We don’t just rely on 21st century technology, we use old school “gumshoe” techniques and the most important tool around: our brain.

  • Commitment

    We have a tenacious appetite to get answers and we are committed to helping our clients.

Sound like the kind of
investigative agency you’re looking for?

Our regular clientele includes national and international law firms,
financial institutions as well as private individuals.