Each client has unique challenges and goals

We have the experienced to meet and conquer all of them!

Who We Help

We attract clients who value our quality of service, professionalism, creativity and expertise. Our clientele includes national and international law firms, corporations, financial institutions and private individuals.


Whether it’s reuniting you with your biological parents, tracking down familial information or conducting background checks, we can help.


Do you really know who you are investing with? We’ll make sure that you are not getting mixed up in the next Bernie Madoff.

Law Firms

We find creative and legal ways to best your adversary – not off-the-shelf ideas in the legal gray area that could threaten your lawsuit.


We act fast to help take preemptive action to limit expensive problems or understand the extent of the issues at hand.

When to
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If you can find it on Google, you probably don’t need to hire us. But when Google is not enough…

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