I need to gather intelligence against a legal adversary

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Intelligence Gathering

We specialize in gathering intelligence against our clients’ legal adversaries. Whether it is utilized to get a better understanding of who you are up against, prepare for a deposition, determine if your opponent can satisfy a large judgment, dig deep to find hidden assets or allegations of harassment, or uncover a secret past, we are here to help.

Make no mistake, litigation is a high stakes game. A great legal team fighting in your corner can be priceless, but having a great investigative team by your side is equally as important.

We can help you find creative and legal ways to come out ahead of your adversary – not “off-the-shelf” ideas in the legal gray area that could potentially threaten your lawsuit.

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“Diligentia tirelessly gathered the background information requested and was able to present it timely and in a way that was easily understandable. I would highly recommend Diligentia to anyone.”

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