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Facts May Not Be Popular of Convenient, But They Are Stubborn

Locating & Interviewing Witnesses

Finding and interviewing the right witness can literally change the entire outcome of a matter. While internal documents, public records, open sources and source-based material are an incredibly important part of the intelligence gathering process, perhaps the most important, is the value of human intelligence.

Over the years we have worked on a variety of cases to help identify and locate witnesses; ranging from class action lawsuits, antitrust matters, commercial disputes and massive multi-jurisdictional lawsuits where we conducted hundreds of interviews by phone and in-person.

In some cases, we have clients who are interested in conducting their own interviews, only using our time-tested methods of locating contact information for dozens of the right witnesses. In other cases, we will conduct interviews ourselves, either by telephone or in-person, to elicit the information you need to assist with the matter at hand.

Make no mistake, eliciting information from people who have no obligation to speak to you is an art form; one that we have had years of practice.

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