Really? They strapped a camera to a pigeon? And a shoe doubled as a phone?

1Spy Camera Pocket Watch

Spy Camera Pocket Watch

Because pocket watches are so 1930. (Watchisimo)

2Pigeon Camera

Pigeon Camera

Drones are much easier to control. (NBC News)

3Microdot Camera

Microdot Camera

In today’s age, it would be disseminated in electronic form, but these gadgets could take a take a photograph so small, an entire document can be reduced to the size of a punctuation mark in a newspaper and dead-dropped. (Spy Museum)

4Shoe Phone

Shoe Phone

Whipping out your trusty iPhone is much less conspicuous. (Slice of SciFi)

5Secret Storage Hollow Book

Secret Storage Hollow Book

What else would you have a book for? (SpyGoodies)

6Coal Torpedo (a bomb, disguised as a lump of coal)

Coal Torpedo

Coal went out of style with the steam engine. (Military History Now)

7Pipe Pistol

Pipe Pistol

When did you last see a pipe-smoker? (Mirror)

8Secret Coded Messages in Washing Lines

Secret Coded Messages in Washing Lines

Modern dryers are much more efficient way of drying clothes. (Mirror)

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  1. Jamie Pennington
    Jamie Pennington says:

    I think the hollow book could still be effective. My favorite is the pipe pistol. These do not seem real at all. You sir have a new subscriber. Crazy interesting posts.

    Are these all real? Some of them seem farfetched.

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