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My 2021 Goal: Communicate Better

I don’t think you’d get much of an argument from anyone that 2020 was a giant pile of diarrhea. And if the first seven days are any indication of what is to come in 2021, we might be literally up shit’s creek without a paddle. The private investigation business was not totally up shit’s creek […]

17 Things a ‘Ponzi Schemer’ Won’t Tell You

1“Those private yachts, custom homes, and pieces of expensive jewelry that I flash around are all just a facade.” 2“That 5,000-square-foot beach house was bought with your hard-earned money.” 3“I pulled off a multimillion-dollar investment fraud a few years back and even served three years in prison for it.” 4“I hired some guy in China […]

What Can Be Revealed in a Background Investigation?

Even in their most basic form, nearly all background investigations will include some form of identity verification, some criminal history (the depths of which may vary), and watch list research, but there are varying levels of background investigations where you can find information, from a $19.95 online service to a several-hundred-thousand-dollar background investigation such as […]

What Is Pretexting, and Is It Legal?

I have had an ongoing debate about pretexting with a fellow private investigator over the past several years. This colleague loathes the word “pretexting,” in part because of the definition of the term. Pretexting is defined by the Federal Trade Commission as “the practice of getting personal information under false pretenses.” Sounds pretty ominous, right? […]