I like to support great products. I’ve purchased a few things lately that I’d like to recommend.

Samsung Series 9 Laptop

I recently switched from an old bulky Dell laptop, to a new Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook(affiliate link), and could not be happier. The technology in the ultra-light ultrabooks is still new, so you are going to pay a premium, but the form factor, speedy solid state hard drive and the portability are worth it for me.

Carrying around a 6 pound laptop gets old quick. The Samsung Series 9 has a few quirks, such as a lack of a built-in ethernet port (they give you an adapter) and a relatively small hard drive (128 GB’s) compared to the competition, but overall, I could not be happier.


Tired of remembering all of your passwords? I have had LastPass for about a year and it has been a godsend. Lastpass stores your online passwords in the cloud, so that you don’t have to remember them. It’s secure and has browser add-ons for all of the major browsers, so it can work on almost any platform.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Unlocked Version)

I like the fact that I am not tied down to a wireless carrier. I recently ditched my Verizon contract for a unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus. You can save quite a bit of money by buying the services you need, instead of paying through the nose for things you don’t. Plus, if you ever leave the country, you just have to buy a sim card and you are good to go.

I am a big proponent of the Android platform and the new version of Android’s operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich, is an absolute pleasure. The fact that I run my business email through Google Apps is just an added bonus.

Rickshaw Bagworks

I’ve had a bunch of bags that I really didn’t like, but have finally found one that I love. It’s the Large Zero Messenger bag from Rickshaw Bagworks. They are based on Potrero Hill in San Francisco, which happens to be my old stomping grounds.

It’s multi-functional, durable, eco-friendly and stylish. There are hundreds of colors and options to choose from. It’s also made here in the U.S.A., which is always a good thing.

I hope these recommendations point you in the right direction. Support great products!

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