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Last year we started a tradition of giving thanks to some of our clients with a custom football made by my friend Paul Cunningham at Leather Head Sports. In an era where fastest and cheapest are formulas we use to describe the value of things, it’s a clear reminder that quality, premium goods and services should never be mistaken with best.

Leather Head FootballLeather Head Football - Diligentia Group

This year we extended a special thank you with a custom t-shirt designed and handcrafted by Joe Horacek from the Little Mountain Print Shoppe. From his small print shoppe in Lincoln, Nebraska, Joe has mastered the art of craftsmanship in the screen printing process and has learned how to turn a simple illustrations into something great. With some pride, dedication and small amount of passion and attention to detail, Joe has made a small hobby into something truly special.

Eye Spy Tshirt

Top Secret

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your friends and family.

P.S. If we get enough interest, we may do a limited edition run of the t-shirts. Shoot us an email at info+eyespy@diligentiagroup.com if you are interested.

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