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Even though there are more than 30,000 investigators in the United States, the investigative world is pretty small, and it’s even smaller when you consider the ones that are truly the cream of the crop.

Over the past several years, I have grown to admire a number of New York private investigation firms for the work that they do, image that they have crafted and skill of investigators.

There are firms that are much more vocal (Beau Dietl was doing Arby’s commercials for goodness sake) and much more well known (Kroll and Pinkerton), but here are three New York investigation firms that are the cream of the crop and that I admire the most.

Nardello & Co.

Nardello & Co. was founded in 2003 by Dan Nardello, a former prosecutor. Over the last 10 years, Nardello has gathered some of the best and brightest investigators in the business under one roof, creating one of the most talented group of investigators and forming one of the most preeminent firms in New York and the world.

Over the years, I have become close with the people at Nardello, and know them to be nothing short of first class in every way. They are creative, smart investigators with a core group that is incredibly talented.

Mintz Group

Founded in 1994 by Jim Mintz, Mintz Group has been at the center of several high-profile cases including acting as the lead investigator for a Connecticut House committee that gathered evidence that resulted in the indictment and resignation of Gov. John Rowland in 2004. More recently, Mintz Group served as the lead investigator a Special Investigative Committee formed by the Utah House of Representatives to investigate Attorney General John Swallow.

I have personally known many current and former Mintz Group investigators and have nothing but admiration for the breadth and skill of their investigators.

Their newly designed website, which is one of the most unique investigative websites out there, is worth mention on this list alone.

K2 Intelligence

K2 Intelligence was formed a few years ago by the legendary Jules Kroll along with his son Jeremy Kroll. Jules Kroll founded the world-renowned Kroll Associates and served as lead investigator to recover assets from the likes of Ferdinand Marcos and Saddam Hussein. Kroll transformed the private investigation business from a sleazy side-show to a corporate white collar business, where investigators can now charge lawyer-like rates.

And his newest venture, K2 Intelligence is taking investigations to a whole new level with big data and data analytics.

I’ve never met Jules or Jeremy and have never had the opportunity to work with their firm, but I know many former Kroll people who have nothing but pride and admiration for both of them.

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  1. Paul Jaeb
    Paul Jaeb says:

    Nice piece Brian. There are so many highly skilled firms in the US. It’s too bad that often we are smeared by the actions of a few. I would like to add The Arkin Group to your list. They are our go-to firm in NYC.

    -Paul Jaeb, CEO
    Heartland Investigative Group
    Host, American Private Investigator podcast

  2. William
    William says:

    The aircraft registration numbers of your recent post reminded me of an incident where I was to locate a certain water vessel in the Florida keys a few years ago, With that in mind have you thought (of course you did) of water vessel registrations, as well? Perhaps you can do an article or something along those lines for future blogs?
    Thank-you for a terrific blog,

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