9 Simple Rules of a Private Investigator

1Don’t waiver from your ethical core values.

2Don’t impersonate another human being.

3Don’t do anything that is illegal or something that falls within the “grey area” of legality.

4Your reputation and your word are all you have; use them wisely.

5Don’t take on anything just for the money.

6Situations dictate tactics.

7If you are uncomfortable with your client’s intentions, don’t take the case.

8Don’t say or do anything that your mother wouldn’t be proud of.

9Assume nothing; question everything.

Guide to Hiring a Private Investigator

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12 replies
  1. Marshal, MN-Behavioral Intelligence agency
    Marshal, MN-Behavioral Intelligence agency says:

    Thanks Brian for the excellent reminders that we often take for granted.
    We once had a case request, some time a go, where we suspected their request was unethical, nearly bordering upon the illegal.
    Our initial vetting of the client saved us from a potentially bad situation.
    as they say, ” Trust everyone__ but don’t trust the devil inside of them.”

  2. EJM Investigations
    EJM Investigations says:

    Great points Brian. I know many P.I.’s who have made money by working in grey areas, but one day that will become part of your reputation. And could lead to evidence you gather being questioned for legality and authenticity.

  3. Sue
    Sue says:

    All very good points. Like things we learned in kindergarten but many have forgot. Or many schools do not teach any longer. Thanks for the reminder Brian.

  4. Ed Baugh
    Ed Baugh says:

    Simple statements, yet so powerful. Everyone can and should remember all of these as they complete work for their clients. Thanks, Brian, for simplifying our business down to its core!

  5. Sudheer M
    Sudheer M says:

    Even though it sounds like stating the obvious, all the 9 bullet points are so very important for an ethical running of the business of Private Investigations. Thanks for the post.

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