What Does a Private Investigator Really Do

Anytime an old colleague of mine was asked what he did for a living, he replied that he was a garbage man. It always flabbergasted me that he wouldn’t tell people what he really did. Private investigators have pretty cool jobs; at least, that is what I always thought.

So I asked him.

“I got tired of explaining to people what I did,” he told me.

I know what he means. The first three things that people typically ask when they find out what I do are (1) “Do you carry a gun?” (I don’t and have never even owned a gun); (2) “Do you do surveillance?” (Haven’t done that in more than 10 years); and (3) “How often do you catch cheating spouses?” (Haven’t done that in more than 10 years either).

Most people like to think that private investigators dig around trash cans, coerce confessions, spy around dark alleys or hack into computers, along with a plethora of other shady stuff.

While some investigators may carry guns, do surveillance and catch cheating spouses, I don’t.

What we really do is provide clients with information that will help them make informed decisions or avoid costly ones.

But that’s pretty boring.

So in an effort to be a little less boring, I’ve started telling people that I find shit they can’t.

Simple. Straightforward. Accurate. And to the point.


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4 replies
  1. Reggie R
    Reggie R says:

    Cool I will be getting my PI license soon, am really into intelligence gathering and insurance fraud as well as vehicle incidents, I need to check out your site you seem professional

  2. vance a samuels
    vance a samuels says:

    Hello my name is Vance Samuels and I guess I wanted to find out if a private detective can find someone worldwide I’m looking to find a woman who scam me out of a lot of money I don’t want a locator she has a lot of money and the last time I talked to her she was in Ukraine Kiev so could someone get back to me please my email address is Vance Samuels at XXXX.com or you can call me at 207-XXX-XXXX thank you

  3. Al Suther
    Al Suther says:

    Can you find out what caused a scamming couple in 2015 to suddenly sell their mansion and luxury cars to live on a padlocked dirt lot ?

    It would help me defend against their extortion threats. I can send you police report etc.

  4. Agnes O’Connor
    Agnes O’Connor says:

    I like how well you described your job. I especially like the “ We find out shit that you can’t “
    I don’t need your services now, but I’m definitely keeping your name handy in case!

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