From birth, we have implicit trust in just about everything and everyone we encounter.

As we become adolescents, we are told not to trust strangers, especially the ones with candy.

By the time you are an adult, trust is no longer implicit; you have to earn it.

Below I’ve compiled a list of people you should be wary of based on my own professional and personal experiences (your mileage may vary).

  1. People who like to talk about themselves…endlessly
  2. Anyone who has tried to get you involved with something that sounds too good to be true
  3. People who are ”desperate” to be your friend
  4. People who don’t have a lot of friends (since they’ve likely pissed them all off)
  5. People who expect something in return for a good deed
  6. Secretive people
  7. Self-promoters
  8. People who don’t listen
  9. People who tell lies….even the white-lies
  10. Those who have a “brilliant idea” every other week
  11. Extremely polite people…or complete a-holes

Who is left? What types of people are you wary of? Let us know in the comments section.

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3 replies
  1. pmargo
    pmargo says:

    Personaly I’ve always been told u have a gut feeling an if u learn how to understand it u really can go by it ( told to me by a wise person ) my dad

  2. Patrick Mahaffey
    Patrick Mahaffey says:

    So, what you are saying is be wary of… everyone? Not bad advice and some of these are obvious. But extremely polite people? Really?

    • Brian Willingham
      Brian Willingham says:

      We weren’t being completely serious here Patrick. We’ve pretty much described the entire population…

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