Samuel “Mouli” Cohen’s sentencing, which was scheduled for February 1, 2012, has been pushed to April 30, 2012. As previously reported, after a three week trial, Cohen was found Cohen guilty on 29 of the 35 counts of wire fraud, money laundering and tax evasion in November 2011.

There were some interesting revelations in recent court filings. In response to Cohen’s motion for bail, the government indicated that Cohen sought to be released prior to his sentencing “under significantly less restrictive conditions than the Court imposed before he tried to bribe a security guard, before he was convicted of multiple counts of mail fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion, and before he learned he (sic) his preliminary Guidelines range of imprisonment is 360 months to life.”  Details of the reported “bribe” were not in the court filings.

Some of the other interesting revelations in the government’s motion:

  • Cohen was renting a 9,000 square foot Beverly Hills home for $50,000 per month at the time of his arrest and had a “personal staff, including a chauffeur, bodyguards, and a personal chef.”  Prior to his $50,000 per month Beverly Hills home, he was renting a $15,000 a month residence in Belvedere, California outside of San Francisco.
  • Not only did Cohen lie to investors about owning his “mansion” in Belvedere, California he lied to investors and even his wife about owning a private jet. Cohen reportedly “went to absurd lengths” to hide the fact that the plane was rented from his wife “having the private jet rental crew clean out all evidence of it being a rented jet and filling the cabin with ‘Cohen’ china and ‘M❤S’ decals before every flight.”
  • In addition to lying about the jet, the government contends that he he married Stacy Cohen in Europe in 2003, but he wasn’t divorced from his first wife until March 2005.
  • Not only did he steal from investors and lie to his wife, he “callously stole the life savings of his father-in-law.”  Stacy Cohen’s father, who had given Mouli Cohen millions of dollars, wrote in a holiday card to Stacy and Mouli Cohen, “All I want for Christmas is for Mouli to replace my IRA’s.”  Sadly, Stacy Cohen’s father later passed away.
  • Three days after Cohen’s conviction, the government alleged that Stacy Cohen filed for an “expedited renewal of a non-standard passport (with extra pages for more frequent international travel).”

In conclusion, the government wrote that Cohen’s “incentives to flee are enormous.”

Judge Charles Breyer denied Cohen’s motion for bail.  It’s safe to say that this will not be Cohen’s last attempt to be let out on bail before his April sentencing.  Stay tuned…

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