It’s the end of the decade, a decade that has pretty much coincided with the founding of my business in August 2009 and the start of my blogging career, with our first post being published  in February 2010.

Last week, we posted about the most popular blog posts from the decade.

This week, I’ve reached back to find some of the stories and ideas that made this blog—and in some cases, my career—come alive.

Posts that have had the most impact on me personally.

These blog posts aren’t going to win any popularity contests. In fact, if I added up all of the traffic from these posts, it still wouldn’t be as much as our most popular post.

But these posts might give you a bit of inspiration, make you shed a few tears, or give you a warm and fuzzy feeling.

1) What Baseball Can Teach You About A Background Check (2011)

I love this post because it mixes a few things that I am extraordinarily passionate about: baseball and background checks. Even though this is one of the oldest posts on the site, it still rings true today.

2) What Children Can Teach A Private Investigator (2011)

While baseball and background checks might be a passion, my children are my lifeblood. Parenthood has taught me so much, and this is an incredible reminder of some valuable lessons.

3) What Chefs And Private Investigators Have In Common (2012)

I see a theme developing here. Food has been a huge influence in my life as well.

Now I am getting hungry…

4) The Secret To A Successful Private Investigation Business (2012)

Spoiler alert: I don’t really have a secret. I’ve enjoyed an extraordinarily successful business because I’ve gotten to see every one of my kids’ sporting/school events, been an intimate part of my family’s lives, and had an extraordinarily flexible work schedule that allowed me to live halfway around the world—not because I am independently wealthy, internationally famous or have developed a worldwide brand.

5) A Rant – Do Former Law Enforcement Officers Make Better Private Investigators? (2012)

This topic has always struck a chord with me. My two cents: There is no correlation between law enforcement experience and success as a private investigator, despite firms using their prior law enforcement background as their main advertising sound bite.

I remember thinking at the time that I would get quite a bit of negative feedback, but it was quite the opposite.

6)  What Is The Perception Of A Private Investigator? It Kind Of Sucks! (2013)

Another topic that has struck a chord with me: how private investigators are perceived. I had always thought that years of television and movies have warped any true sense of what a private investigator really does, so I did a survey back in 2013, which confirmed my worst fears.

7) What NY Giants Training Camp Taught Me About Running A Business (2013)

Life experiences mold you into the person you are. Long before I became a private investigator, I was an intern for the New York Giants, which taught me some valuable lessons.

8) Hello, My Name Is Brian, And I Am A Recovering Private Investigator (2013)

Every time I tell someone what I do, they are often disappointed by the fact that I don’t drive a fancy car, get myself into precarious/illegal positions or tail cheating spouses.

9) The Future Private Investigator: 6 Ways The Business Will Change (2015)

Trying to predict the future is pretty ridiculous, in my personal opinion; but that didn’t stop me from writing this post in 2015.

It may take some time for things to pan out, but it doesn’t look like I am going to be taking over the title from Nostradamus anytime soon. 

10) 17 Lessons I Learned From 15 Years As A Private Investigator (2016)

Another milestone post. Some good business and life lessons in here like sticking to your principles, persistence and patience.

11) Finding Tucker’s Father (2017)

In the past decade, we have investigated more than 1,000 cases, but none of them have been more impactful than this one. Just an amazing story with a storybook ending.

12) Reflecting On The 10 Years Since I Started My Business (2019)

It’s always good to remind yourself every once in a while where it all started, just in case you forget where you came from. 

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