A few months ago, I did an interview with Rod Burkert, the founder of a business valuation and litigation support firm Burkert Valuation Advisors, LLC. Burkert writes a series called “Practicing Solo” for the Value Examiner which features interviews with sole practitioners from various fields providing some real-life practical advice from professionals who have went out on their own.

I celebrated five years in business last year, so it was fun to explore where I started, what I would have done to make it better (not much apparently) and why I didn’t see a point in creating a business plan. I also talked about how I attracted my first clients, why developing a niche is critical for small firms and some of my best marketing tactics (hint: you are reading it right now).

I also got to talk about some techy stuff like my workstation setup, running a paperless office and software tools I can’t live without (thanks Google BusinessEvernote, Todoist, SugarSync and Harvest!). We even discuss how I stay organized and what I listen to while I work!

Lastly, we discussed work-life balance and why I am not so sure if I will ever figure it out. I can proudly say that I have attended almost every single family event, teacher conference, baseball game, and ballet recital for the past five years, but I haven’t had an uninterrupted vacation in five years and have spent more nights and weekends working that I would like to admit.

What has gotten me to where I am today has been a whole lot of hustle and hard work  two things which can put a wrench in your work-life balance.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Brian Wilingham - Going Solo - Value Examiner

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