10 Ways attorneys can gain leverage with private investgators

A private investigator can help an attorney leverage your position and find creative and efficient ways to come out ahead of your adversary.

Here are 10 ways that private investigators can help:

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  1. David Childe
    David Childe says:

    Your slide show made me think of something. Much of the pre-trial preparation work we do for attorneys is every bit as valuable – or perhaps much more valuable – than the output of legal consultants. Yet legal consultants may charge 4-5 times what a typical private investigator does.

  2. Carol Villeneuve
    Carol Villeneuve says:

    I can identify when you said “I fell into it.” I too have worked in a different work invironment for 25 years in a hospital in the Radiology Department. Most people normally take up a cause because they have been involved in it either by their own illnesses or those who are close to their heart. My cause started 44 years ago when I had a child out of wedlock and had to give him up for adoption. Back in the 60’s we as mothers were not allowed to keep our babies and were coerced into relinquishing our babies or just having them taken from us by our parents, doctors, and the church.

    Thus began my journey to find my son and find him I did in 1996. Since then I have paid it forward more times than I can count. I have reunited family after family and to this day love my work. For 17 years I did it all pro bono until financially it was no longer feasible. Because I love my work the next step was to get my PI License and open my own business. I remember laughing and saying to a friend of mine “if I can find someone without a name I can find anyone with a name.” We all know that this is not always the case but it has taught me to never give up.

    Because of my personal experience it has opened the doors to locating missing person, relatives, missing heirs, and skip tracing.

    Thank you for your post and your are so right “I will never be ashamed of my past”


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