When will you need a corporate private investigator? To act fast and understand the extent of the damage and stop it…or to preemptively reduce the risk of substantial and expensive problems down the road?  Depending on your answers to the questions below, now might be the time to hire a corporate private investigator.

Due Diligence Investigations

If you are a financial institution, investor or attorney…

  • As the economic climate incrementally improves, are you absolutely certain you know the level of credibility of the recipient of your institution’s money?
  • Is a company you are backing financially viable and ready for their IPO?
  • Who are you or your client really acquiring? Are the key assets worth what they say they are?
  • Do you know what your subject’s competitors and vendors think of them?
  • Have there been any federal sanctions or regulatory actions against your subject?
  • Is senior management reputable? Do the principals of the company of interest have criminal records? Bankruptcies? Civil actions filed against them?

Comprehensive Background Investigations

If you are a business decision maker, member of a board, non-profit institution, attorney…

  • Hiring a new CEO or Executive Director? Is she who she says she is?
  • Nominating new members of your Board of Directors? Have they every filed for bankruptcy? Committed a crime? Made a statement in the press that would embarrass your organization?
  • Do you conduct background investigators on new hires put into high risk positions?
  • What would sources in the industry say about your subject?
  • If you discreetly spoke with your subject’s former colleagues, what would they say?
  • What about an ex-spouse or neighbor? Are their bones in the closet?

Legal Investigations

If you are an attorney or working on behalf of general counsel…

  • Are you certain you have unearthed every possible witness?
  • Using computer forensics, did you check the hard drives of every computer relevant to your case?
  • Have you pulled trash? Is there something in someone’s trash that could help you win the case?
  • Are you confident that your expert witness is the expert you need him to be? Is the opposing expert witness have any issues that can be used to attack his credibility?
  • Have you worked with a forensic accountant to catch any well-hidden secrets in the financial books?

Asset Searches

Are you trying to recover a judgment or trying to figure out if someone is worth suing…

  • Do you know all of the addresses where your subject has resided over the past 20 years? Worked? Operated? If it is a company, where are their factories and warehouses?
  • Is there any property in your subject’s name? Or, perhaps, is there is property in the name of a family member, spouse or business partner?
  • Does your subject own a boat? How many cars?
  • Are your subject’s assets listed in a divorce filing?
  • With proper permissions, have you reviewed your subject’s emails and bank records?

Finding People

Does somebody owe you money, are you trying to find a missing heir or do you need to serve papers…

  • Have you really checked every possible place for your missing subject?
  • Did you contacted family members, colleagues or former business associates?
  • Have public records identified any new information about the missing subject?
  • Are they active on any social networks that may give a clue as to their whereabouts?
  • Are there other reasons why they may not want to be found?

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