We have rounded up the most popular posts on our site so that you can catch up on anything awesome you might have missed in 2010. There’s a ton of great advice, links and case examples in the archives, so make sure you check out the links we’ve compiled for you!

1“Red Flags” You Should Have Seen – A Look Back at Mouli Cohen

Samuel Mouli Cohen, who allegedly bilked investors out of more than $30 million, was arrested in August 2010.  There were numerous red flags that investors could have identified if they had done some homework prior to investing.  Private Jets, recorded conversations from jail and a “Kosher Billionaire” cookbook…what more could you ask for?
Check out part two: The Ongoing Saga of Samuel “Mouli” Cohen

25 Myths: What a Private Investigator Cannot (Legally) Get

Equally important to understanding what a private investigator can legally obtain, is understanding what they cannot obtain.  Retrieving bank account information, bank records, telephone records, credit reports (without authorization) is not only off-limits, it’s illegal.

3The Anatomy of a Comprehensive Background Investigation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you ever wondered what a background check would find out about you?

4How to Avoid a Hedge Fund Fraud – Lessons from Bayou Fund

Bayou Fund is one of the prime examples of a hedge fund fraud that could have been avoided by investors had they conducted a background investigation on Sam Israel.

5Executive Background Check: 9 Things They Don’t Want You to Know

In today’s tough economy, candidates for senior level positions may feel the pressure to falsify credentials or hide things from their past.

6Due Diligence Investigation: Tips to Avoid an Investment Fraud

With the rampant amount of investment fraud, hedge fund fraud and ponzi schemes, doing your due diligence on your potential investment has never been more critical.

7Professional Private Investigator: How an Attorney Can Effectively Use One

Consulting with a private investigator can help attorney’s to leverage their position and find creative and efficient ways to come out ahead of your adversary.

815 Fraud and Investigation News/Blog Sources

Looking for some fraud and investigation trends, news and insight?  Look no further…

95 “Must Read” Fraud and Investigation Books for 2010

This is a collection of some of our favorite fraud and investigation books published in 2010.

10Case Study: Preliminary Public Record Background Check Identifies Criminal Investigations

What if you knew if someone was being investigated by foreign authorities before you hired them? Wouldn’t you want to know?


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