A few weeks ago, I did a Google Hangout question and answer session regarding background checks with Pamela Hay of Broad Range Investigations, hosted by PInow.com.

Among the questions we tackled:

  1. Scenarios to conduct a background check
  2. Information you must provide for a background check
  3. Why an investigator can complete a better background check than a website
  4. A criminal background check vs a complete background check
  5. Information people tend to hide from a background check

Sound interesting?

Check out the video links below:

Scenarios to conduct a background check:

Information you must provide for a background check:

Why an Investigator can complete a better background check than a site:

Information that people try to hide from a background check:

A criminal background check vs. a complete background check:


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4 replies
  1. Debbie Hudson
    Debbie Hudson says:

    I have a client that wants deep background and educational information for the years 1988 to 2009. I have exhausted my resources but I have gather a lot of the information. The client does not want anyone to know someone is digging around due to personal circumstances. I need your help in finishing this investigation. My client wants all the dirt . This investigation is really hard due to the years involved. My company does not have the database for this years. I have another problem I need to find out if the subject graduated high school. I did a college background check and subject has not told the truth so something is up! This subject could have some mental issues. I am stuck!

  2. Scott Ross
    Scott Ross says:


    I watched the videos and the one thing that is available in CA is the Work Comp board. Ms. Hay spoke about having a credit report and and resume. When those are not available, I go to the WCAB (Work Comp Appeals Board) and check for prior filings. Again, these do not come up in a regular civil index. Another area not discussed is the variation of names such as Robert or Bob. Information is obtained from a computer the way it is entered. Often times names are misspelled and it takes multiple checks to insure you have found everything.

    • Brian Willingham
      Brian Willingham says:

      Excellent points Scott. The name variations is critical. Not as much with criminal records since they are typically filed under a birth name as well as aliases, but for other records it’s very much true. Also, in cases of maiden names; you want to search under all name variations to be thorough and accurate.

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