I’ve been keeping pretty close tabs on Samuel “Mouli” Cohen since I received a call about him more than three years ago.

It’s a story that has everything — fraudulent art, private chefs, chauffeurs, celebrities, lies, intrigue, elaborate mansions and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Beginning with his arrest in August 2010, trial and ultimate conviction, I wrote several blog posts about Cohen and received a number of phone calls from former victims, business partners and people who personally knew and met Cohen.

One of those calls was from Fosco Bianchetti who met Cohen several years ago. After his encounter with Cohen, which he described as the “weirdest dinner ever,” he too became fascinated in Cohen.

I met Bianchetti, an Italian entrepreneur, in New York last year.Among his many roles, he is the director of Twill magazine.

He asked me to write an article about Cohen, which was just published in the most recent version of Twill.

One day, this story should be a book.

But for now, you can read the condensed version in Twill magazine.

Image published with permission of Twill magazine.

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14 replies
  1. Sentinel
    Sentinel says:

    And what she did to her poor father. From defrauding him of his retirement to jumping ship from Christianity to Judaism. I wonder if drugs were involved?

  2. Ed Homich
    Ed Homich says:

    I worked for Mouli while he lived in the Belvedere mansion. I was his personal technology specialist (which may be misleading considering Mouli had no understanding of any technology). I handled the move from San Francisco to Belvedere Island. There was no pool as mentioned in the account written by Mr. Bianchetti – but the relationship between Stacey and Mouli was spot on. Also, Mouli told me that the monthly rent was $28,000 (Summer 2001).

    • Brian Willingham
      Brian Willingham says:

      Do you have any information to back up those allegations? It’s not particularly fair to throw around those kind of allegations without some sort of proof.

      • Kristen
        Kristen says:

        just google…”03/19/2013 STRIPLING, STACY”. i was hoping you already knew about this or could confirm the facts since you did such a great job following the cohen’s story throughout the case.

          • Monica
            Monica says:

            Hi Brian,
            Were you able to find anything on Stacy’s arrest in Beverly Hills? I worked for Mouli back 13+ years ago. In fact I was the assistant who found him the house in Tiburon and assisted with Stacy’s move to SF from LA. I knew they were frauds, which is why I quit.

      • Blank
        Blank says:

        That is true , I workded with them up to the day he was actually arrested . I was actually in the car as he was arrested .

  3. Serena
    Serena says:

    I read the Bianchetti side piece with fascination. When I took a sneak peak at Stacy Cohen’s book on Amazon, the thing that really struck me about the photos of her was her impassive expression in each and every one. No smile, just her posing. I guess Bianchetti observed firsthand what I had sensed upon seeing her photos. It must not be much of a life if you have to live like that and have to fill your emptiness with material things. Ironic, given all her claims that one can live a spiritual life like hers when her life was anything but spiritual.

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