Looking to keep up to date on fraud and investigation news and trends?  Below is our list of favorite news and blog sources (in no particular order). And if you haven’t learned how to use an RSS reader, it’s a great way to aggregate articles and blog posts.

Have another site to add to this list? Tell us about it in the comments.

Fraud Magazine

Fraud Magazine - ACFE

Fraud Magazine, published by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (the world’s largest anti-fraud organization), posts information on trends and issues related to fraud.

Pursuit Magazine

Pursuit Magazine

Pursuit Magazine is an online magazine that posts articles on issues related to private investigations, marketing for investigators and legislative issues.

Financial Fraud Law

Financial Fraud Law

Financial Fraud Law makes multiple posts daily relating to news and analysis on financial fraud, securities fraud, insider trading and Ponzi schemes.



Footnoted.com takes a look at the most overlooked (but probably most important) section of SEC filing to  unearth  information buried in the fine print.

PI Now


PI Now is an online directory of professional private investigators, but they also post news and original content relating to legislative news and issues effecting private investigators.

White Collar Crime Prof Blog

White Collar Crim Prof Blog

White Collar Crime Prof Blog posts information daily on white collar crime trends, issues and news.

Professor Fraud

Professor Fraud

Professor Fraud, who is actually William Kresse, Associate Professor at Saint Xavier University of Chicago, makes a weekly posts for ChicagoNow.com about fraud and corruption.

The White Collar Fraud Blog

White Collar Fraud

The White Collar Fraud Blog is written by Sam Antar, a convicted felon and former CFO of Crazzie Eddie, Inc.  Antar, a “reformed” convict, writes blunt and insightful posts about SEC accounting frauds.

FINalternatives Halls of Justice


FINalternative’s Halls of Justice is a collection of articles relating to insider trades, short selling and hedge funds facing SEC probes or fraud charges.

PI’s Declassified

PIs Declassified

PI’s Declassified is an online weekly radio show hosted by Francie Koehler, a California based private investigator.  The radio show discusses some interesting topics including a recent show about privacy issues and online data providers.

PI Magazine

PI Magazine

Private Investigators read PI Magazine, the trade publication for private detectives, police detectives, SIU Investigators and anyone interested in learning how to become a PI.  Although you need to subscribe to PI Magazine to get any content, it’s highly recommended for any investigators in the business for its insightful articles and content.

PI Buzz


PI Buzz is the “official” blog of PI Magazine which provides links to online databases and other sources.



Investor.gov, which is run by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, provides educational materials to investors to avoid fraud and ponzi schemes and updates on SEC enforcement actions.

Securities Docket

Securities Docket

Securities Docket posts information relating to FCPA compliance, insider trading, criminal probes and securities class action cases.

New York Times White Collar Watch

New York Times White Collar Watch

The New York Times White Collar Watch site tracks current White Collar fraud cases including the Goldman Sachs mortgage fraud case, recent insider trading cases and other white collar fraud prosecutions.

What else would you add?  What are you reading?

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  1. Karen L. Martinelli
    Karen L. Martinelli says:

    I have spent the past 3 years doing an enormous amount of research, fact checking and due diligence regarding (what eventually revealed itself to be) an outrageous scam involving a 501(c)(3) based in “medical research” operating in both states of NY and CT – however, never having registered to even do business, let alone solicit funds – in either for almost 10 years – once I got the “thread to pull and it began to unravel” I was absolutely floored by the level of fraud, the absolute lack of interest in even attempting to cover up the self-interest, conflict of interest, and family benefit – the entire story is almost beyond belief, yet I know it to be true, and I have just finished dealing with the state of Colorado (the state of original incorporation and the state where the IRS granted the 501(c)(3) status to the Colorado based structure. The entity allowed the structure to go into statutory default – simply by not filing the annual report and paying the nominal fee, but it continued to function and grow – from 2004 until now (they just filed for reinstatement with Colorado due to my “messing about” with their private little high 6 figure pile of tax free cash given to the Chairman – who co-mingles the patients, staff and physical assets and locations of his for-profit privately owned medical practice and the “charity” – WITHOUT the private patients having any idea they are being used as training tools for stipended Fellows – who are also paid employees of the private practice – it is so outrageous, and now has grown to reach proportions that are almost surreal. Colorado apparently accepted the attorneys reinstatement application (sans truth of functioning without stopping while in default!) and they apparently are back on track! When I first began the inquiry and finally determined there was enough evidence to report this charity to the State of CT AG’s office, their lack of interest was surprising – until I noticed that Blumenthal was not only a friend and neighbor of the Chairman, but he also attended last year’s (unregistered) event where they raised $ 450K in a single night – this year they did $ 700K in a night – unregistered and under investigation by NY – CT is still not that interested – I even forwarded an email from Colorado indicating that since the statutory default of the entity in 2004, it has continued to function with NO STRUCTURE AND NO STATE – filing 990’s with c/o mailing addresses and passing the 5 year audit mark by passing the info to the auditors who then passed on what they were given by the entity to the IRS – no one ever set foot on the site and actually looked at the books or the way the entity functions! It only gets better from there, and yet – in spite of soliciting and collecting millions of dollars illegally solicited by this “phantom” entity as “donations” over the 10 years it has been in existence – and in spite of functioning for 7 of the 10 years without even having a state structure – the beat goes on! The “Board” is a joke, and the monies are spent as the Chairman wishes (his father and father-in-law are the only other officers!) and the latest fundraiser “silently auctioned” a $ 170K car – that the Chairman special ordered and the entity never listed the recipients of the “prizes” – anyone interested in pursuing this with me? I am ready to go to the IRS next – the problem with all of this – beyond the obvious – is that he is also having bad surgical outcomes (ya think??) crippling people by allowing the trainees to operate on the private patients, billing their insurance and paying these Fellows as staff while they are stipended to study – and the patients are having bad outcomes and have no idea they get an extra surgeon to play with their case! Lives ruined and the Fellow of the moment is long gone by the time the damage comes to light – so there is no one to blame! Blumenthal has some loyal protectors as he has really not addressed this since the complaint I filed in February was assigned a Public Inquiry/Complaint # – meanwhile NY state has blocked them from functioning – although they just keep on keeping on – sanctioning them and building a case only caused the to lawyer up – how is ANY of this possible in a world so heavily burdened with rules and regs that this clown can just soldier on, collecting tax free spending money, ruining lives and not having any accountability to any of the agencies specifically put in place to prevent this kind of scam from happening? Is it possible that he really is that “connected” politically or just really, really rich and lucky??? Any thoughts? This could be a HUGE scandal and he could get jail time – he should get jail time – no matter what, I feel the most important thing that has to happen is that he has to be stopped! He feeds on self-drawn attention. Any advice as to how I need to proceed? Thanks! Karen

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