Here are some of our favorite fraud and investigation related books from 2010.

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The Big Short

The Big Short by Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis’ The Big Short dives into the causes of the U.S. stock market crash of 2008, overpriced real estate and bad mortgages.  The book gives some never seen before insight into the “shadowy” world of hedge funds, short sellers and investment banks and the people that got it “right” betting on a mortgage crisis.

No One Would Listen

No One Would Listen by Harry Markopolos

Harry Markopolos, who for years tried to warn the SEC about Bernie Madoff’s $65 billion ponzi scheme, writes a detailed description of what his investigation uncovered years before Madoff’s ultimate arrest in December 2008.  The Bernie Madoff scandal is arguably one of the most important fraud cases in history and has led to numerous changes in regulatory and enforcement with the SEC.

Circle of Greed

Circle of Greed by Patrick Dillon and Carl M. Cannon

Circle of Greed chronicles the rise and fall of one of the most influential class action lawyers of all time, Bill Lerach, who was ultimately disbarred and put in prison.  The book digs into some of Lerach’s most infamous courtroom battles with corporate America and describes how he became one of the “most feared and loathed lawyers in America.”

Broker Trader Lawyer Spy

Broker, Trader Lawyer, Spy:  The Secret World of Corporate Espionage by Eamon Javers

Who could resist a book about corporate spying?  Eamon Javers provides some fascinating tales of corporate espionage and investigation.  Although the book sensationalizes some of the work of corporate investigators, it’s an interesting read and gives a bit of history of the private investigator and how investigators are used in the modern day.

Private Investigator Entry Level

Private Investigator Entry Level (02E): An Introduction to Conducting Private Investigations by Philip Becnel

This book was written as an instructional guide for the course of the same name, which is required of all private investigators in the Commonwealth of Virginia. However, it covers all of the basic investigative principles and techniques that apply to investigators working anywhere. There are chapters on ethics, research, interviewing, fraud investigations, evidence, law—and many other topics.

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